Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain, Sun and a little Kayaking

Well I did not get much kayaking in between the spring like rains we had today. But I wanted to get off of San Juan Island and do a little woodland exploring on a near by island. Since the weather was a bit on the fowl side I decided to load and go over to Turn Island. The paddle is supper short and Turn Island is a beautiful little island with nice views and a nice little hike. Plus there was not one else there. Nothing like having your own island for a few hours of space and mental freedom.

It was nice a green with mushrooms popping out of the ground every where. Flowers speckled the forest floor with colors of white, purple and yellow. Heavy clouds loomed over the channel and slowly inched their way towards me. I enjoyed a nice little loop around the island and bit more time exploring the wooded areas of the island. There is a great granite boulder (glacial erratic) along the trail that is a wonderful chunk of rock to look at. it sits in the middle of the trail and depending on which direction you approach, it can look like a small rock to a huge boulder. I approached from the direction of the more huge appearance. It supports two medium to large trees that have fallen over.

There were plenty Harlequin Ducks cruising the shore along with a few Mergansers. The tide was nice and low so you could see all the interesting intertidal critters.

All in all it was a mellow few hours of just being out of touch. Some times that is just what I need.

A view towards Cattle Pass from Turn Island.

The large granite boulder.

Looking to the north from Turn Island

Spring flowers are blooming!!
A mushroom popping out of the ground.

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All right that is everyone... Have a great day.

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