Kayaking and Biking San Juan Island Washington State

For those that read this post I want to be transparent from the start here. I am one of the owners of Discovery Sea Kayaks and wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news about the company.

Firstly, the kayak season has started off with amazing weather. Most the days on the water this spring have be beautiful with calm seas. All of our kayak tours are operational and ready for people to join. We offer Half Day and Full Day kayak tours to the west side of San Juan Island. One of the most popular tours we offer is the west side Sunset Kayak Tour. San Juan Island sunsets are truly amazing and there is no better way to experience the sunset than by kayak. To round our our kayak tour offering we have 3 and 5 Day Kayak Tours. Camping on the surrounding islands is the best way to get a sense of the islands. Travel between the islands and enjoy the Pacific Northwest scenery. Our guides are very skilled on and off the water. You are assured a culinary surprise at each meal. When it comes to kayaking in the San Juan Island we are experts. So feel confident when you reserve a kayak tour with Discovery that you going to have the beset experience on the island.

The next big news here at Discovery is we are now renting bikes. We have a fleet of new Felt Cafe 24 bikes. All bikes come with rear rack, trunk bag and helmet. The Felt bikes are 24 speed bikes with enough gears to provide a confident climbing bike to tackle any of the hills on the island. Pedal along scenic roadways to National Parks, Lime Kiln State Park and the west side preserve. Pack a picnic and head out for the day and you will be rewarded with all the beauty the island has to offer. Rentals are offered as daily rentals or multi day rentals.

The San Juan Islands have long been know as a destination to encounter killer whales in the wild. With all the negative media over the last year over the captivity of killer whales, the desire to see them in the wild had grown. It is important to understand that the Southern Resident Killer Whale pods know for the San Juan Island region is list on the Endangered Species List. We operate in accordance with local and federal laws on all of our kayak tours. Laws are in place to protect the killer whales and hopefully provide a means of recovery for the population. As kayakers we truly understand how amazing encounters with killer whales are. But do understand they are wild animals and can travel many miles in one day. Therefore we cannot predict nor guarantee encounters with the animals. When seeking an emocunter with killer whales from kayak we take the perspective of being oportunistic views and not presuers. We will ecounter them if they happen to be in the area when we are. With or without whale encounters, kayaking San Juan Island is lifetime experience.

I would like to share a bit more about Discovery Sea Kayaks. We are a small comapny with a small staff of enthuisastic outdoor adventures. We have a physical location in downtown Friday Harbor at 260 Spring St. Being in the heart of town allows all of our guest to opportunity to check in at our shop and meet not only your guides but the owners of the company as well. Being in the heart of downtown we stive to be San Juan Island's advneture center. We offer kayak tours and bike rentals and offer bookings with Western Prince Cruises and Zip San Juan. When seeking information on what to do on San Juan just stop by our shop at 260 Spring and we can set you up for the week or weekend. Discovery Sea Kayaks is your San Juan Island Adventure and Activity resource.

Thank you all for your time


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