Mountain Bike Tours Chiang Mai Thailand

So it has been awhile since I have been updating my Blog.  With Facebook, Google+ and whatever else there is out there I try and maintain for my business Discovery Sea Kayaks, it is hard to do much more.  But I decided I wanted to reopen the use of my Blog to inform readers on all kinds of news, events and even some of my business going's on.

I would like to start by introducing Discovery Adventure Tours or DAT as we call it around the shop.  DAT is a new business name that was developed to start diversifying the types of adventure tours we want to offer.  So Discovery Sea Kayak and DAT will be owned and operated by the same good folks, Richard Swanson and Jason Gunter. The new name just made sense to add other types of adventures.

The first project DAT is taking on is Downhill Mountain Bike Tours in northern Thailand.  We will be there this winter offering 5 day vacation packages for those looking to get out on steep terrain and get loose on their mountain bikes.

So how did this all come about?  Over the past couple of years I started riding my bike again.  I kind of dove in head first and can't get enough of it.  A good buddy of mine, Colin Blevins, was the right influence on me when it came to getting on the trails.  Colin is a long time island resident that spends a lot of his time on the go traveling around the world.  He has been leading trips in Asia for a long time. One day on the trail he mentioned he was going back to Thailand to ride.  The gears started turning in my head and told I was down to go if he didn't mind.  He was more than happy to have someone tag along.  So before I knew I had a plane ticket and excited to ride a new location.  Colin has long had a dream of running bike tours around the world.  It did not take me long to start seeing how this would be a great thing as well.  Though I concentrate my efforts sea kayaking off the coast of Washington state. The recent reemergence of mountain biking in my life gave me the perspective I needed to start DAT.  Colin has been brought in as the team leader and is working with me as an integral part of DAT Mountain Bike Project in Chiang Mai. It is a long term project and Colin will be in the foundation and every other step of the way.

If you are a mountain biker looking for steep terrain and want to get away from the winter in the US or Canada, this is the cure for you.  Check out the DAT site


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