Kayaking San Juan Island Wa State

Finally our summer is in full swing and then today the winds moved in. It is still nice and warm, at least warm for the Pacific Northwest. But today the winds are strong and keeping people off the water. We do have a tour out today but we changed our kayaking location to get away from the wind.

I had a really nice Half Day Kayak Tour out just the other day. The water was nice and the skies were clear. Really nice to be out there on the nice days.

Looks like the wind will die down tonight and then it is looking really nice for the rest of the week.

Getting ready to head out on the water.
Nice and clear out. The Olympic Mountain are in the distance.

Team work when paddling a tandem is a good idea.

Well if you plan on getting on the water. Check out our web page: www.discoveryseakayak.com

We are operating tours daily and can get you on the water for a great time.


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