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Summer is slowly working its way in here on San Juan Island. We have been running lots of tours to the west side of San Juan and have had early success with orca whale encounters.

Remember if you are shopping for a Kayak Tour on San Juan Island that Discovery Sea Kayaks has the smallest group tours on the island. The main benefit to small groups is that you get great service from your guide and you travel with less impact on wildlife. Since we travel through prime killer whale feeding areas, we do everything we can to minimize impact. One of the best ways to do this is by reducing the number of boats in a group.

I have been out having fun with a couple of our interns doings some fun kayak training. Yesterday we practiced towing exercises. Plus we working on off side rolls and a few other skills. It is nice to have a chance to help young paddlers develop their skills.

Multi Day Kayak Tours seem to be very popular this season and it is a great way to see the San Juan Islands. If you have a group of friends come out and see us. We put together a tour that you will remember for years to come.

Discovery Sea Kayaks is located a few hundred feet from the ferry landing in Friday Harbor. So we are easy to reach. Just walk on the ferry in Anacortes and walk up the the shop and we will take care of you. It is an easy day trip from Seattle.

Kayak is one of the reasons to come to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. People travel from all over the work to kayak here. I know of you live in Seattle the Juans are you back yard. But everyone should come check it out.

Yikes! Sometimes you can get surprised by an Orca. Even when we try as hard as we can to maintain distance from Killer Whales, they get curious..


Monika said…
Holy smokes that's quite a picture! Sometimes you don't realize how big those males are until you have something to compare them to.

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