Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Times

The weather here has been amazing. Most days I am still in short sleeve shirts and enjoying the warm temps. I know it will soon be changing, the Pacific Northwest always changes to the gray and wet. But for now I am happy to soak up the nice weather.

On Oct 7th we headed off island on the 6 pm ferry. The sunset on the ferry ride was amazing. It felt a little silly leaving such a beautiful scene. But we were headed to Seattle to spend some time before heading off for a weekend of fun. I have included a picture of the sunset below.

The weather has been nice here in Seattle the past couple of days. Oct 8th was my birthday and I spent it being pretty low key and then we went to Richard Dawkins lecture on his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth. It was the first time I have seen him speak. It was a pretty funny scene, but none the less it was fun to be there. A short stroll through campus and we were headed home.

Our weekend plans are up in the air as of now. We had planned on going to Tonasket to the barter fair, but we are not sure right now. Looks like we are going to head to Leavenworth tonight.

I know I usually share pictures of the beautiful San Juan Islands. But after the weekend I hope to share pictures from other areas of Washington State. Overall this is a beautiful state and many opportunities to see scenic views.

The sunset from the car deck on the ferry. It was really a nice sunset. Actually on of the best ferry rides I taken.

Messing about with the camera. I know it is a dark image, but it is still nice.

Check back Monday for more pictures.

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