San Juan Island Kayak Season

It has been a long time since I have taken the time to make a post here. I think the age of Facebook took me that direction for posting travel information. But today I wanted to rekindle my old blog and pass along some fun information on recent travel and gearing up for the 2018 San Juan Island Kayak Tour season.

Last summer was another great season for Discovery Sea Kayaks and Discovery Adventure Tours.

Background Information: My employment.

Discovery Sea Kayaks provides guided San Juan Island Kayak Tour experiences.  We operate in some of the best waters for whale watching and wildlife viewing. We operate from early Spring to late Fall, closing during the winter months. We offer half day, full day, and sunset kayak tours. Specialty tours are our San Juan Island Bioluminescence Kayak Tours and our 3 Day kayak and camping tours.

Discovery Adventure Tours is the newest part of our business. We offer quality bike rentals from downtown Friday Harbor, Wa. Our shop has the largest fleet of electric bikes that are tuned are ready to explore the islands. We also carry two models of traditional style bikes for cycling San Juan. We also do custom guided cycling tours. Tours are custom designed and lead by one of our amazing staff members.

So back to the post. At the end of last season, we decided to pack up and do a little road trip in our home state of Washington. Taking a quick trip up HWY 20 (Cascade Highway). We were lucky to get over the pass to Winthrop, Wa, the passed closed that evening. But while on the pass we stopped for a hike to Maple Pass. Typical of mountain weather, the forecast of now snow and blue skies turned to heavy snow and low visibility. Navigating off the mountain and back to the car we found ourselves ready for food and beer. The next few days were spent exploring the area by foot. The original place of mountain biking was set aside due to wet conditions on the trail.

Our next adventure came in November where were packed the truck and took off on another road trip. Making our way east we travel through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming arriving in South Dakota. We were there for a wedding but also made time for exploring. Mt. Rushmore is kind of a must do and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The museum was great, learning about the people who worked on the project was simply amazing. Next was the Badlands for a bit of hiking and exploring.

From South Dakota, we made our way to Colorado. We had a great time hiking and mountain biking. After a couple of weeks in Colorado, we made our way Utah. I forgot to mention we purchased a rooftop tent for our Toyota Tundra. We bought the Yakima rooftop tent and loved camping in it. Most of the time in Utah was spent mountain biking. I could go into more details on the biking but we would be here forever.

Finally making it back home in Washington State, we were only here for about 5 days before jumping a plane to Northwest Arkansas, the hidden biking gem in the US right now. We were there through Christmas and spent most days on bikes. From road biking to mountain bike we packed in the mileage while we were there. Northwest Arkansas is building more trails at a rate I have never seen anywhere. You can spend week mountain biking and road riding and never get bored.

Flying back to Washington, I think we had about 4 days before departing again. Next destination, the Big Island of Hawaii. We planned to spend about 4 weeks exploring and relaxing. We mapped out a road cycle tour to circumnavigate the island. What a great trip! Cycling the Big Island was amazing. We had a blast! Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys cycling. Again, more detail would take forever so I will save this for a post of its own.

With winter winding down and our work season on San Juan Island nearing we squeezed in one last trip to Northwest Arkansas for more biking.

That brings us to early April and time to start getting ready for kayak season. Boat repairs, guide training, bike tune-ups, you name it and we were doing it.

Now that summer is almost here and our amazing San Juan Island kayak tours are reserving daily, we are all work. Not much time for biking.

June is here and the rhythm of the season has set in. All the guides are eager to work and share the islands with visitors.  We have two new websites and they look great. and

Once we switched to the new site we did see a bit of drop in our Google ranking so we hope that slowly improves with time.

If you are planning on visiting the San Juan Islands look into reserving a kayak tour or bike rental with Discovery.

Below is a radom assortment of images from the winter traveles.


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